We are a new business in Southern Utah bringing 14 years of experience in furniture repair and refinishing. Our goal is perfection and to bring your piece of furniture back to "new" status.  There’s almost no piece of furniture that can't be fixed. We specialize in wood repair/refinishing but can do vinyl repair, ceramic repair, minor accessory welding, upholstery frame work and always up for a challenge. We do offer a mobile service but please note that not all jobs can be done onsite and might have to return to shop. We’ve acquired the trust of several local furniture stores and moving companies that travel nationwide to handle their repair needs locally.

We would love the opportunity to handle yours as well.


Here’s a little about myself. I’ve always tried to be a perfectionist when I repair and I have that mentality when I look at something broken, I think to myself “I can fix that”. I guess that’s how I got into the field of repair. It all started when I got a job at a furniture store here in St. George. I initially started the job to deliver furniture and I would always see the repair tech working on pieces of furniture. With my inner perfectionist I didn’t feel like he was doing a very good job and to be honest it looked like fun, so I started to help whenever I could. I’ve always had an artistic side and with repair it feels like I create my own little masterpiece. Having to mold your canvas before you get to blend and make some nasty damage look like it never happened. Then not to long after that I had his job. A little while later I was sent to a Mohawk finishings class where they teach you how to repair wood furniture, so I could see how the big boys do it hah. The teacher kept using my work to show to the rest of the class so I figured I was doing something right.



Minor or major,

we have you covered!


Change your look, 

paint, stain, stenciling,

burn ins & art work.

Make it yours!


Recover that old

set or replace a 

damaged section.


Bring your antique 

or well used piece 

back to life.


St. George, UT / Cedar City, UT / Mesquite, NV 

84770, 84780, 84790, 89027, 84720


Tel: 435.862.7201



Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

​​Saturday: Closed

​Sunday: Closed

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